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A solar powered pump runs on electricity generated by solar photovoltaic panels. The operation of solar powered pumps is economical mainly due to their low operation and maintenance costs and zero running cost with zero environmental impact compared to conventional pumps powered by electricity or diesel.
Each solar array has a number of solar modules connected in parallel or series. Every solar PV panel generates current by converting solar radiation to electrical energy. The electrical energy from the entire array is controlled, tuned and directed by the inbuilt controller in DC pumps or through the Variable Frequency Driver(VFD), in AC pump enables connected pump (submersible or surface) to draw water and feed in delivery pipelines.
The water thus drawn from ponds, rivers, bore wells etc. by a solar water pump can be stored in tanks from where it is later channelled to fields or the supply from the pump may be coupled with drip irrigation systems to provide optimised use of water in fields directly.
Major Components Solar Photovoltaic module, Pump Inverter (VFD), Pump & Structure for PV Module

A. Submersible Submersible
B. Surface Surface


  • No dependence on grid
  • No maintenance cost
  • Long Life of system
  • No running cost


  • Drinking – Community water Purification plant
  • Industrial – various water pumping applications
  • Agriculture – Irrigration & water storage purpose
  • Urban – Individual / Apartments / Society water pumping requirements