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Power supply in most of our urban & rural areas is unreliable, forcing people to use small generators based on kerosene, petrol or diesel which are expensive affair to run such generators which causes pollution, noise and leads to increased dependence on oil imports. Whereas solar power plant is based on conversion of sunlight in to electricity by using solar photovoltaic technology. Which is an economical and trusted source for long-term use.


    (Daytime Application)

  • A grid-connected photovoltaic power system is connected with utility grid. This consists of solar panels, inverter,
    power conditioning unit and grid connection equipment. This system ranges from small residential, commercial
    rooftop to larger i.e. megawatt level of solar power plant.


    (Day & time Application)

  • Completely independent of the grid, the system is connected to a battery via a charge controller which stores the
    electricity generated and acts as the main power supply. An inverter can be used to provide AC power, enabling the
    use of normal appliances without mains power.
    Major ComponentsSolar Photovoltaic modules, Inverter, Battery & Structure


    • No power outage
    • Solar power plant reduces electricity bill
    • Non-polluting ( sound & air ) source of energy
    • It reduces dependency on conventional sources of energy
    • Reliable supply of power
    • Helps to slow down / stop global warming
    • Provide accessibility of power in remote locations


    • Hotels
    • Farmhouses
    • R&D Centres
    • Commercial places
    • Residential Applications
    • Megawatt power generation plants
    • Hospitals
    • Bank / ATMs
    • Corporate offices
    • Fuel pump stations
    • Remote village electrification
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