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Solar Home Light

Thousands of Indian villages are either not connected to the country's power grid or lack of uninterrupted power supply. It is estimated that out of 1.25 billion people 50% do not have access to 24x7 electricity. Our Solar Home Lighting systems have been designed and priced in a manner that fits in perfectly with requirements of rural India. Solar Home Lighting systems are fixed installations designed for domestic application. Solar Home Lighting modules are installed in the open on roof/terrace - exposed to sunlight and the charge controller and battery are kept inside in protected place in the house. Read more

Solar Street Light (LED)

Solar Street Lighting is outdoor stand alone power generation lighting unit used to illuminate a street and open areas. Solar Street Lights operates from Dusk to Dawn i.e., the lamp automatically switches ON after the sunset and switches OFF after sunrise. And operates in stand-alone mode. The solar street light should be installed in a shadow free area or place where direct sunlight is available throughout the dayRead more

Solar Lantern (CFL/LED)

Solar Lantern is a simple application of solar photovoltaic technology, which has found good acceptance in rural area where the power supply is irregular and scarce. Even in the urban areas people prefer a solar lantern as an alternative during power cut because of its simple mechanism. Solar Lantern is a portable light source which gives an omni directional light. Solar Lantern designed in the form of a traditional lantern and uses CFL/LED as the light source. Sealed maintenance battery is charge with solar photovoltaic module when exposed to sunlight, which supplies power to the CFL/LED whenever required. Read more

Spv Hoarding System

In this world of fierce competition almost every company is fighting for the mindshare of its customers. Outdoor advertising is one such means of communication which is very common amongst the advertisers to display their products. A considerable amount of energy is required for illuminating advertising hoardings during the night time. SPV based hoardings system reduces energy consumption.Read more