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Thousands of Indian villages are either not connected to the country’s power grid or lack of uninterrupted power
supply. It is estimated that out of 1.25 billion people 50% do not have access to 24×7 electricity. Our Solar Home
Lighting systems have been designed and priced in a manner that fits in perfectly with requirements of rural India.
Solar Home Lighting systems are fixed installations designed for domestic application. Solar Home Lighting modules are installed in the open on roof/terrace – exposed to sunlight and the charge controller and battery are kept inside in protected place in the home lighgt

Major components: Solar Photovoltaic Module, Battery, Lamp and Charge Controller.


  • Easy to Install
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Pollution-free and eco-friendly
  • Autonomy for 2 to 3 non-sunshine days
  • No Electric Bill
  • Light when required
  • No Electric Connection Required


  • Lighting for Homes
  • Clinics
  • Shops
  • Corridors
  • Small Banks
  • Small offices
Product Specification
Model Luminary Solar Panel Battery Electronics
Based CFL Model II 9W x 2 Luminary CFL 37Wp 212V @ 40Ah 5 Amp CCU
Model IV 9W X 4 Luminary CFL 74Wp 12V @ 75Ah 5 Amp CCU
Based LED Model II 2 Luminary W-LED 12 Wp 12V @ 12Ah 2 Amp CCU
Model IV 4 Luminary W-LED 24Wp 12V @ 2Ah 5 Amp CCU