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Solar Lantern is a simple application of solar photovoltaic technology, which has found good acceptance in rural area where the power supply is irregular and scarce. Even in the urban areas people prefer a solar lantern as an alternative during power cut because of its simple mechanism.
Solar Lantern is a portable light source which gives an omni directional light. Solar Lantern designed in the form of a traditional lantern and uses CFL/LED as the light source. Sealed maintenance battery is charge with solar
photovoltaic module when exposed to sunlight, which supplies power to the CFL/LED whenever required.1

Major components: Solar Photovoltaic module, Battery, CFL/LED, Charge Controller & Control Kit.


  • Saves Energy
  • Maintenance Free
  • Improves Literacy rate
  • Extends the working day in rural areas
  • Improves Health Issues
  • Portability & Mobility
  • Stems Urban Migration
  • Smoke free lamps- Improves family’s health


  • Useful for cooking at night
  • Can be used for sanitation purpose
  • Useful at agricultural land during night
  • Useful for students, can study even after sunset
  • Solar electricity helps to promote local enterprises like small shops & village markets for lighting in the evening
Product Specification
Luminary Solar Panel Battery Electronics
LED Lantern 3w-LED 5Wp 12v @ 7 AH 2 Amp CCU & driver
CFL Lantern 7w-CFL 4/2 pin 10Wp 12v @ 7 AH 2 Amp CCU & quasi sine wave


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