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LED (Light Emitting Diode) street lights have extremely long life since they don’t have filaments. Which can quickly burn out and they don’t contain toxic chemicals like mercury unlike traditional high-pressure sodium lamps or mercury-vapor lamps. LED street lights are highly energy efficient. Because of their energy efficiency and long lifespan, LED streetlights are advocated as a means for reducing carbon emissions. LED Street lights are environmental friendly because they consume little energy. Diodes helps in boosting the resistance of the lamp giving them a higher rate of durability compared with other lamp technology, which ultimately provides a significantly longer lifespan.
LED street light allows wider coverage of a consistent light pattern. Uniformity is one of the benefits of a well designed solid state lighting product.


  • Low energy consumption
  • More accurate color rendering
  • Less attractive to nocturnal insects
  • Long lifetime
  • Reduced glare
  • Quick turn on and off


  • Highways
  • Walk ways
  • Industrial areas
  • Parks
  • Petrol Pumps
LED Street Light Wattage Wattage
9/12/18 9/12/18 nos. of power LED, PF<0.90%, IP-65, spike protected
24/36/48 watt 24/36/48 nos. of power LED, PF<0.85%, IP-65, spike protected
60/90/120watt 60/90/120 nos. of power LED, PF<0.85%, IP-65, spike protected