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LED Bulb

An LED lamp (Light Emitting Diode) is assembled into a lamp(or light bulb) for use as lighting fixtures. LED lamps have a lifespan and electrical efficiency that is several times better than regular bulbs and significantly better than fluorescent lamps, LED lamp is capable of emitting more than 100 lumens per watt.led-bulb


Possibilities of LED lighting in every application areas – LED lighting distinguishes offices, beautifies outdoor spaces, and provides energy-saving solutions to hotels & house hold purposes.


  • Emits no heat
  • It contains no mercury
  • No UV or infrared in the light beam
  • As well as being ultra-easy to install

Reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs without compromising on light quality and ambiance

LED Bulb Wattage Specification*
3W / 5W PF<0.90%, IP-65, Spike Protected
8W / 12W PF<0.90%, IP-65, Spike Protected

LED Tube Light

LED Tube Lights are slimmer and shorter as compared to the regular tube lights. (It has simple and easy-to-install fixtures are an undoubted over regular lighting purposes). LED Tube Lights are best described as hassle-free lights. Flicker-free, energy-efficient, maintenance-free with no added requirements. LED tube lights are available in various sizes, these lights are the perfect retrofit for your traditional fluorescent tube lights.led-tube


  • Parking areas
  • Homes and work table
  • Offices and conference rooms
  • Commercial, Industrial, and domestic areas


  • Eco-friendly
  • Good colour rendering
  • Lower consumption and energy saving
  • Replacing conventional fluorescent lamp (T5 & T8)
  • No UV radiation
  • Long life span (50,000 hrs.)
LED Tube Light Wattage Specification*
12W / 8W 2 feet, with fitting, frosted glass optional
18W / 24W 4 feet, with fitting, frosted glass optional